Charlie Rae Photography: Blog en-us Charlie Rae Photography [email protected] (Charlie Rae Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:35:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:35:00 GMT Charlie Rae Photography: Blog 120 80 Waretown Lake Nothing beats a Saturday. Strike that, nothing beats a Saturday, when you are off, and the weather isn't half bad. You find yourself trail blazing. Finding new places to discover. Finding creatures that you may or may not have seen before. 

This time I found myself wandering around the Waretown lake. It was an overcast day and there was "bound to be" some wildlife lingering around. 

Eventually an Osprey landed on a tree. This place. I could have stayed for hours waiting for it to fly off. However I couldn't. Time was of the essence and I it was time to find another place with more creatures to capture.


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Bald Eagles So this particular morning I was sleeping. I received a phone call to get up and drive down the road. There was a bald eagle sitting on the telephone pole next to the road. Now the hope of it still being there by the time I got there was slim to none as subjects don't seem to last when you want them to. This time I was wrong though. He was still there. 

I was able to pull over and stop and grab a few pictures. I have never been this close to one of these magnificent birds before. 

It was awesome. 

Better yet I was able to watch it fly away. Now of course I wish he would have landed somewhere closer, not to my delight however. He flew off into the woods but its ok because the shots I got were still awesome. 

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4th of July Celebrations So I like fireworks. I don't know anyone who really doesn't. I have found people who don't care, but that in itself is different than not liking them. What better than to try and capture the fireworks. The fireworks right when they go boom. Right when they explode. Right before they disappear into the smoky air. Helps when you can find the trail up into the sky. 


I decided to sit by the water to see the fireworks from across the bay. However that wasn't enough, there were a few members of the community that wanted to put on their own display. It was cool finding their silhouettes within the brightness of the fireworks off the shoreline.

[email protected] (Charlie Rae Photography) color excitement exploding fireworks flare night night sky silhouette sparks Tue, 24 Jul 2018 22:30:29 GMT
Family of Swans So I love all of the firsts that have been happening so far this year. My first snowy owl, my first hawk close enough to photograph, first time really noticing ospreys, and so much more. Lucky for me another first happened a week ago. As I was photographing a wedding and shooting some pics at the dock, a family of swans decided to come swim by. Now, I have seen baby geese with their parents, I have seen baby ducks and baby chicks however I have no idea if I have ever seen baby swans. Not just baby swans but baby swans with both parents! The babies hung out by their mother while the father swam about two feet away. 

Look how cute they are! … It is also interesting to see that the babies themselves are different colors. The one is whiter than the other ones. 

Swim well little guys!

[email protected] (Charlie Rae Photography) all together family swans waterfowl Mon, 18 Jun 2018 23:11:56 GMT
Ospreys A few weeks back I went to a local bay spot that I like to sit out and I started watching an osprey couple. Now the female must have been sitting on some eggs because she laid low in the nest and didn't really move around. Meanwhile the male was in and out of the nest, yelling at close flying seagulls, and putting on a show for me.


The mister flew away from the nest to catch some fish. There was no luck but it was neat to see him fly in close range. 

One of these days I should drive back to that spot and check on my friends. Will be interesting to see if it is just the couple or if I'll find the babies as well. 

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Frozen Sunrise So what is pretty cool is that where I live is surrounded by water. There are three man made lakes within my town and two more within a 5 minute driving window. Through the edge of town there is a creek that runs and meets up with the bay. One side of my town is lined by the bay so really no matter where I wanna go, I can reach water. When the winter comes, the water freezes. I have started getting intrigued by this frozen water especially the bay. Throughout the spring, summer, and fall, I like to sit by the bay and just listen to the waves crash. There is something o so soothing about the sound that it makes. It is also a good spot for capturing the sunrise, the boats, and even star gazing. On the 4th of July I can sit there and watch the fireworks that go off on the barrier island. 

So this past winter when the water was frozen I woke up early and caught the sunrise. 

This morning was so peaceful. I was the only one at this location and considering the water was frozen, there was a stillness in the air. I took my camera and carefully walked out onto the ice to capture some pictures. Don't worry I was extra careful making sure I walked on the ice that was thick. There is something exciting about walking on the ice and knowing that underneath is feet of water. I captured the sunrise and used the small wooden fixture as a subject. 

I look forward to next winter. Maybe I'll go out again. Maybe I will get more color. How cool would it be if I captured more of the red clouds. Till then, I'll keep the memory, the stillness, and the beauty that surrounded me. 

[email protected] (Charlie Rae Photography) Tue, 29 May 2018 02:46:23 GMT
Great Horned Owls So this was probably one of the neatest things I have captured to date. Over the course of this year I have grown more and more interested in finding the more "uncommon" creatures to photograph. The birds of prey have been more on my radar as of lately. I live by the water so Ospreys are around, we were a stop for the Snowy Owls and as of lately I have learned that we actually have Bald Eagles and other birds of prey around. A co-worker of mine mentioned how he found a Great Horned Owls nest. My excitement went threw the roof. I had to wait a couple of weeks to find the time to get to the nest but when I did... it did not disappoint. Early in the morning there was a mother and her little owlet in the nest. 


The baby was so cute! At first the baby was out of site and then all of a sudden the mother started moving and up comes this little guy (or girl). I stayed for a few hours and then unfortunately had to leave. 

Since I have taken these photos I drove past the nest and it was empty. Now, I don't know if that is a thing, the birds mate, give birth, fly away, so one day soon I will have to drive past again and see if they were just out hunting. Until then though I am glad that I had the opportunity to capture these animals and look forward to the next time when a unique find occurs. 



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Birds of the Yard So all in one day I was able to capture three different types of yard birds. I Robin was making his nest, 

and a woodpecker couple were in and out of the nest they made inside a tree. 

Towards the end of the day I saw some blue birds bouncing around within the trees. 

Although the robin and the blue birds were cute the woodpeckers were my favorite. I rarely ever get to hear them let alone see them and what are the odds that these two made a home in a tree that I had complete access to. They came and they went however one seemed to always be by the tree. 

Over the hours I spent waiting for them to do their thing I saw some itches, some wing flaps, heard some calls, saw heads poking out, and butts going in. It is always interesting capturing mates do their thing around their nest. 


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Neighborhood Friend So a few weeks ago, my parents and I had a garage sale at their house. This little buddy, or bunny as I should call him, was sitting in the yard eating away.

Now this little guy was just hopping along as he found the food he was looking for … surprisingly he wasn't that skittish. Now I am a photographer and I love capturing animals in their natural habitats. I used my zoom lens to capture my photos of him and yet was still able to get closer than I thought I would have been able to get. As I was being pulled away for the garage sale I was able to capture him devouring a flower in about 3 or 4 chomps.

I cannot say that the garage sale was boring. I was able to get some much needed vitamin D, my tan, and this little guy. 


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